Saginaw Valley Master Gardeners

    On behalf of my wife Judy and our whole family, I want to thank the Saginaw Valley Master Gardener

Association for this wonderful gift of this tree planting in her honor and memory.

   There are truly not enough words to tell you all how much this means to all of our family,

Especially knowing that this tree is a Dawn Redwood, which I understand will grow very tall and long.

    What a great tribute to Judy. I am sure she would be quite happy and elated but tell you that being a Master Gardener

meant that you volunteered a lot. She had a great love for gardening and all of you. It was a special thing for her

to be one of the founders of this great organization. Judy always felt that it was one big family working together.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Richard A. Henning

Thank You

Judy Henning

Judy Henning Tree Planting Memorial

The dawn redwood was known only from ancient fossils, until a small population was discovered in the forests of Central China in 1944. 

It is considered one of the greatest botanical finds of the 20th century. Dubbed a ‘living fossil’, this coniferous tree grows with an orange-brown, thick, tapering trunk and a broad, buttressed base .  Displaying the characteristic conifer shape, the dawn redwood has a narrow, pyramidal foliage with sparse, upward-sweeping branches, and straight, needle-like leaves.  Green in the spring and summer, the leaves of this deciduous tree turn a vibrant reddish-brown before falling to the ground in autumn.  The dawn redwood is a monoecious species, and light yellow-brown male cones hang in clusters, while yellow-green female cones hang individually.